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Model railways in solihull
Solihull Model Railway Circle - Cargo-D Mark 3a TSO No. M12053 seen at Wolverhapton on hire to Wrexham and Shropshire 17-06-2009
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ABOVE: Cargo-D Mark 3a TSO No. M12053 seen at Wolverhapton on hire to Wrexham and Shropshire 17-06-2009.


30 January 2010

British Rail TOPS Coaching Stock Codes


1. Letter Codes


Code                     Description


AA                        Gangwayed Corridor

AB                        Gangwayed Corridor Brake

AC                        Gangwayed Open (2+2 layout)

AD                        Gangwayed Open (2+1 layout)

AE                        Gangwayed Open Brake

AF                         Gangwayed Driving Brake Open

AG                        Open with Miniature Buffet

AH                        Kitchen Buffet

AI                         Brake Open with Miniature Buffet

AJ                         Restaurant Buffet (with Kitchen)

AK                        Kitchen

AM                        Restaurant Open

AN                        Miniature Buffet

AO                        Private Owner Vehicles (Passenger)

AP                        Pullman with Kitchen

AQ                        Pullman Parlour

AR                        Pullman Parlour Brake

AS                        Sleeping Stock

AT                        Royal Train

AU                        Sleeping Stock

AX                        Narrow Gauge (Vale of Rheidol Railway Stock)

AY                        Narrow Gauge (Vale of Rheidol Railway Stock)


NA                        Gangwayed Brake

NB                        High Security Gangwayed Brake

NC                        Gangwayed Brake - Newspapers

ND                        Gangwayed Brake, Dual Heat, 90mph

NE                        Gangwayed Brake, Dual Heat, 100mph

NF                         Non-Gangwayed Brake

NH                        Gangwayed Brake, 110mph

NJ                         General Utility Van, Electrically Through-Wired

NK                        General Utility Van for Brute Trolleys

NL                         General Utility Van, Newspapers, Gangway-Fitted

NM                        General Utility Van, Newspapers, Non-Gangwayed

NN                        Courier Vehicle

NP                        Covered Carriage Truck for Brute Trolleys

NS                        Post Office Sorting Van

NT                        Post Office Stowage Van

NU                        Post Office Brake Van

NV                        Two-Tier Motor-Car Van

NX                        General Utility Van, Motorail

NY                        Exhibition Van


2. Class Codes (Seating)


Code       Description


1                          First

2                          Second

3                          Composite

4                          Unclassified

5                          None



3. Suffix Letters


Code       Description


0                          Pre-nationalisation

1                          Mk 1

Z                          Mk 2

A                          Mk 2a

B                          Mk 2b

C                          Mk 2c

D                          Mk 2d

E                          Mk 2e

F                           Mk 2f

G                          Mk 3a

H                          Mk 3b





Passenger Coaches


Code                     Description


BCK                      Brake Composite Corridor, Mk.1

BFK                       Brake First Corridor, Mk.1 & Mk.2 to Mk.2d

BFO                      Brake First Open, Mk.3b

BS                        Brake Second, Non-Gangwayed Suburban, Mk.1

BSK                      Brake Second Corridor, Mk.1 & Mk.2a

BSO                      Brake Second Open, Mk.1, Mk.2, Mk.2a, Mk.2c to Mk.2f

BSO(T)                  Brake Second Open with Micro Buffet, Mk.1 & Mk.2

C                                        Composite, Non-Gangwayed Suburban, Mk.1

CK                        Composite Corridor, Mk.1 & Mk.2c

CL                        Composite Lavatory Suburban, Mk.1

CO                        Composite Open, Mk.3

DBSO                    Driving Brake Second Open, Mk.2f

FK                         First Corridor, Mk.1 to Mk.2d

FO                        First Open, Mk.1 & Mk.2d to Mk.2f, Mk.3a & Mk.3b

KB                        Kitchen Buffet, Mk.1

LFK                       Lounge First Corridor, Mk.1

PFB                       Pullman First Brake, Mk.2

PFK                       Pullman First Kitchen, Mk.2

PFP                       Pullman First Parlour, Mk.2

RB/RBK                 Restaurant Buffet

RBR                      Restaurant Buffet Refurbished, Mk.1

RE                        Griddle Car

RF                         Restaurant First, Mk.1

RFB                       Restaurant First Buffet with Kitchen, Mk.3a

RFM                      Restaurant First Modular, Mk.3a

RFO                      Restaurant first Open, Mk.1

RK                        Restaurant Kitchen, Mk.1

RKB                      Restaurant Kitchen Buffet, Mk.1

RL                         Restaurant Lounge, Mk.2f

RMB                      Restaurant Miniature Buffet, Mk.1

RMBT                    Micro-Buffet, Mk.2d

RSM                      Restaurant Second Buffet, Mk.3a

RSO                      Restaurant Second Open, Mk.1

RU                        Unclassified Restaurant

RU(B)                    Unclassified Restaurant Buffet

RUO                      Unclassified Restaurant Open, Mk.1

S                                        Second, Non-Gangwayed Suburban, Mk.1

SK                        Second Corridor, Mk.1 & Mk.2a to Mk.2c

SLC                      Sleeper Composite, Mk.1

SLE                       Sleeper Either Class, Mk.3a

SLEP                     Sleeper Either Class Pantry, Mk.3a

SLF                       Sleeper First, Mk.1

SLO                      Second Open Lavatory, Non-Gangwayed Suburban, Mk.1

SO                        Second Open, Mk.1, Mk.2, Mk.2c & Mk.2f

SO(NG)                 Second Open, Non-Gangwayed Suburban, Mk.1

TF                         Trailer First, HST Mk.3

TRSMB                  Trailer Standard with Miniature Buffet (15 ex-TSs & TSOs for FGW in 2009), HST


TS                        Trailer Second, HST Mk.3

TSO                      Tourist Second Open, Mk.1 to Mk.2e

TSO(T)                  Tourist Second Open with Micro Buffet, Mk.2c & Mk.2d



Narrow Gauge Vale of Rheidol Railway Stock


Code                     Description


BCO                      Brake Composite Open

BY                        Full Brake

SO                        Second Open


Non-passenger Carrying Coaching Stock (NPCCS)


Code                     TOPS Code                        Description


B                           NF                                    Bogie Passenger Brake Van, SR & BR Ashford, Ungangwayed

BG                        NA                                      Brake Gangway, Standard Design

BG                        NB                                      Brake Gangway, High Security

BG                        NC                                      Brake Gangway, Newspapers

BG                        ND                                      Brake Gangway, Dual Heat

BG                        NE                                      Brake Gangway, 100 mph

BG                        NH                                      Brake Gangway, 110 mph

BG                        NN                                      Riding and Toilet Van Mk.1, ex-BSK

BGZ                      ?                                         Six Wheel Passenger Brake Van, ex-Big 4, Gangwayed

BFB                       NW                                     Bogie Flat Bullion

BY                        ?                                         Four Wheel Passenger Brake Van, ex-Big 4 (No End Doors)

BZ                        ?                                         Six Wheel Passenger Brake Van, ex-Big 4 (No End Doors)

CCT                      NO, NP                  Covered Carriage Truck, some SR design (End Doors)

DVT                      ?                                         Driving Van Trailer

FVV                       NG                                      10-ton Carflat

GUV                      NJ                                       General Utility Van, Electric Wired

GUV                      NK                                      General Utility Van, Standard Vehicle

GUV                      NL, NV                                 General Utility Van, Newspapers

GUV                      NX                                      General Utility Van, Motorail Vehicle

?                                         NY                                      Exhibition Coaches

HB                        ?                                         Horse Box

NCX/NCV            ?                                         Res Newspapers

NKA                      ?                                         SuperGUV

NNV/NNX             ?                                         Courier Van

NOA                      ?                                         SuperGUV 2

NRA/NRX             ?                                         Container BG

NRV                      ?                                         Express Parcels, ex-Fish Van

PCV                      ?                                         Propelling Control Vehicle

PMV                      NQ                                      Parcels and Miscellaneous Van, ex-SR (Gangwayed or No End


POS                      NS                                      Post Office Sorting

POT                      NT                                      Post Office Tender

POT(B)                  NU                                      Post Office Tender with Brake

PVG                      NL, NM                  Packing Van Gangwayed, ex-General Utility Van

SCV                      ?                                         Special Cattle Van

SLB                       NW                                     Security Bullion Vehicle, ex-Mk.1 BSK

TCV                      NV                                      Two-tier Car Carrying Vehicle

TPO                      ?                                         Post Office Sorting



Vehicle Dimensions


Mk.1                     Passenger & NS - NW       64'6 x 9'3            19.66 x 2.82m

Mk.1                     NA - NE                               57'0 x 9'3            17.24 x 2.82m

Mk.1                     NJ - NN, NX                                      57'0 x 8'7            17.24 x 2.70m

Mk.1                     NP                                                    37'0 x 8'9            11.38 x 2.72m

Mk.2/2a                 Passenger                                       65'4 x 9'3            19.92 x 2.82m

Mk.2b-f                 Passenger                                       66'0 x 9'3            20.12 x 2.82m

Mk.3-3b                 Passenger                                       75'0 x 8'11          22.57 x 2.75m


Vehicle Bogie Types


Code                     Description


B1                        (Standard) Double-bolster bogie - fitted with leaf springs. Normally restricted to

                                          90mph, but special maintenance program then restriction raised to 100mph. Weight



B1                        (Heavy duty) Same as above, but with a weight of 6.5tons.


B2                        Final design of B1 bogie, fitted under some van stock only. Weight 6.2tons.


B4                        Steel fabricated, bogie fitted with coil springs and restricted to 100mph or with

                                          special maintenance program 110mph. Weight 5.2tons.


B5                        Heavy duty version of B4.  Restricted to 100mph. Weight 5.3tons.


BT10                     New generation fabricated bogie, fitted with air suspension and disc brakes.

                                          Restricted to 125mph.


BT15                     Similar to BT10, but with rubber primary suspension


BT7                       This type of bogie fitted under a few Mk3 vehicles is a derivative of the BX1 type as

                                          fitted to modern EMU stock.  Fitted with air suspension and disc brakes.


CW                       (Commonwealth) Heavy cast-steel bogie with coil springs, designed to improve ride

                                          of B1 and B4 types. Restricted 100mph. Weight 6.8tons.


Single Bolster      1950s design leaf spring bogie - fitted to a small number of SKs only. Restricted to

                                          90mph. Weight 5.3tons.





British Rail Mark 2 Coaches by Michael Harris

British Rail Motive Power Combined Volume by Roger Wood - Ian Allan (1987)

British Railways Mark 1 Coaches by Keith Parkin MA - HMRS & Atlantic Transport Publishers (1991)

Rolling Stock Recognition:1 Coaching Stock by Colin J. Marsden - Ian Allan (1987)




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