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Model railways in solihull
Solihull Model Railway Circle - English Welsh and Scottish Railway Limited, Class 66 No. 66039 at Derby 08-05-2009
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ABOVE: EWS - English Welsh and Scottish Railway Limited, Class 66 No. 66039 at Derby 08-05-2009.


30 January 2010

Glossary and Abbreviations




Term Description  
Axle Counter Counts the number of axles with in a train to determin that a complete train has passed through a track section and there has been no break away. Some termini stations e.g. Glasgow Queen Street and London Marylebone use alxe counters to determin the lenght of a train to help the signalman pick a suitable platform lenght to prevent platform overhang.

A structure holding together two or more wheeled axles (powered or un-powered) that is articulated from the rest of the vehicle


Term Description  
A Amps (electricity)
AB Absolute Block (signalling)
AB Air Brakes
AB Andrew Barclay (locomotive builder)
AC Alternating Current (electricity)
ABS Air Braked Stock
AFI Accelerated Freight Inshot (type of vacuum brake)
AHB Automatic Half Barrier (level crossing)
APT Advanced Passenger Train
APT-E Advanced Passenger Train - Experimental (Gas Turbine Powered)
APT-P Advanced Passenger Train - Prototype (Electric Powered)
ATC Automatic Train Control
ATP Automatic Train Protection
APTIS Accountancy and Passenger Ticket Issuing System
ATW Arriva Trains Wales
AWS Automatic Warning System
B & MR Brecon and Merthyr Railway
BG Brake, Gangwayed
BHP Brake Horse Power
BR British Railways or Rail
BRCW Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon
BREL British Rail Engineering Limited
BREL Bedale Rail Engineering Limited
BTC British Transport Commission
C1 Route restriction for BR mark 1 and 2 coaches
C2C Commitment 2 Customers (London, Tilbury & Southend)
C3 Route restriction for BR mark 3 coaches
C & W Carriage and Wagon
CCT Covered Carriage Truck
CE Civil Engineer
CH Chiltern Railways
CPn Control Period (for Network Rail funding over five years) where 'n' a number
CR Caledonian Railway
CR Cambrian Railway
CR Cardiff Railway
CT Central Trains
CTRL Channel Tunnel Rail Link
DB Deutsche Bundesbahn (German state-owned railways)
DBSO Driving Brake Second Open
DC Direct Current (electricity)
DCE Divisional Civil Engineer
DE Diesel Electric (transmission)
DEMU Diesel Electric (transmission) Multiple Unit
DfT Department for Transport
DH Diesel Hydraulic (transmission)
DH Dual Heat
DM Diesel Mechanical (transmission)
DMU Diesel Multiple Unit
DMMU Diesel Mechanical (transmission) Multiple Unit
DRS Direct Rail Services
DVT Driving Van Trailer (Class 82)
ECML East Coast Mainline
ED  Electro-Diesel
ED Engineering Department
EE English Electric (locomotive builder)
EMT East Midlands Trains
EMU Electric Multiple Unit
EP Electro-Pneumatic (locomotive and multiple passenger unit control system)
ER Eastern Region (of BR)
ERTMS European Rail Traffic Management System (in-cab signalling)
ETH Electric Train Heating
EWS English Welsh and Scottish Railway Limited
FASTIS Flexible and Secure Ticket Issuing System
FP Fuel Point
GBRf GB Railfreight
GNER Great North Eastern Railway
GUV General Utility Van
GWR Great Western Railway
H-B Hunslet-Barclay (locomotive builder)
HNRC Harry Needle Railroad Company
HP Horse Power
HS1  High Speed 1
HST High Speed Train (Class 43)
HST2 High Speed Train 2nd Generation (see IEP)
IEC Intercity East Coast
IEP Intercity Express Programme (see HST2)
ISO International Standards Organization
IWC Intercity West Coast
IXC Intercity Cross Country
Km/h Kilometres per Hour
kW Kilowatts
LCD Liquid Crystal Display (instrument panels)
LED Light Emitting Diode (signalling and instrument panels)
LIP Locomotive Inspection Point
LM London Midland
LMR London Midland Region (of BR)
LMS London Midland and Scottish Railway
LNER London and North Eastern Railway
LSE London and South Eastern sector
LT London Transport
LT & SR London, Tilbury & Southend Railway
LUL London Underground Limited
LW Lightweight (passenger multiple units)
m Meters
M & SWJR Midland and South Western Junction Railway
MAS Multiple Aspect Signalling (colour lights)
MCW Metro-Cammell (rolling stock builder)
MHB Manual Half Barrier (level crossing)
mm Millimetres
MML Midland Main Line
MoD Ministry of Defence
mph Miles Per Hour
MU Multiple Unit
MW Multiple Working
NBL North British Locomotives Limited
NER North Eastern Railway
NER North Eastern Region (of BR)
NPCCS Non-Passenger-Carrying Coaching Stock
NSE Network Southeast
NXEA National Express East Anglia
NXEC National Express East Coast
OHLE Overhead Live Equipment (electrified wires)
OLE Overhead Live Equipment (electrified wires)
ORR Office of the Rail Regulator
PAD Pre-Assembly Depot
PERTIS Permit to Travel Issuing System
PT Pannier Tank
PTE Passenger Transport Executive
PW Permanent Way
RCH Railway Clearing House
ROD Railway Operating Division
rpm Revolutions (revs) Per Minute
RR Regional Railways
RR Rhymney Railway
RSMD Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot
S & T Signals and Telegraphs or Telecommunications
SAB Self-Adjusting Brakes
ScR Scottish Region (of BR)
SHT Swansea Harbour Trust
SLU Standard Length Unit. The length of a standard 20 feet ??? 'ISO' container
SMJR South Midland Joint Railway
SOFA Statement of Funds Available (for Network Rail funding)
SP Stabling Point
SPORTIS Super Portable Ticket Issuing System
SR Southern Railway
SR Southern Region (of BR)
SRA Strategic Rail Authority
ST Saddle Tank
SWT South West Trains
t Tonnes
Side Tank
T & RSD Traction and Rolling Stock Depot
TCB Track Circuit Block (signalling)
TDM Time Division Multiplexing
TI Tration Insepctor
TMD Traction Maintenance Depot
TMIS Train Movement Information System
TOPS Total Operations Processing System
TPO Travelling Post Office
TPWS Train Protection and Warning System
TSR Temporary Speed Restriction
UIC International Union of Railways
V Volts (electricity)
VB Vacuum Brakes
VDU Visual Display Unit (monitor or screen)
VT Virgin Trains
WB Wheelbase
WCML West Coast Mainline
WD War Department
WMR West Midland Railway
WR Western Region (of BR)
WSMR Wrexham and Shropshire Marylebone Railway Company
WT Well Tank
XP Express Passenger
YEC Yorkshire Engine Company (locomotive builder)


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